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2Thumb Putter Grip

2Thumb Putter Grip

2Thumb Putter Grips are wider than standard putter grips and promote a neutral putting stance, a consistent and even putting stroke and allows the putter face to remain square to the ball through the putting stroke. Conforms to R&A and USGA rules.


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Features of the 2 Thumb Putter Grip:
  • Allows arms to hang down naturally and comfortably with thumbs side by side in front of you on the putter grip.

  • Promotes natural swing of the shoulders and arms as one unit.

  • Increased roll and accuracy of the direction of the golf ball after impact.

  • Allows use of a shorter putter since the thumbs are side by side on the 2Thumb Putter Grip.

  • A wider grip that retains the normal depth and length and can be fitted in the standard way.

  • All three 2 Thumb Putter Grips conform to the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf and are therefore legal for competition play.

How to use the 2Thumb putter grip:

  • The 2Thumb Putter Grip is designed to sit in the palm of your hands, and lodges underneath the soft pad of your thumb (along the lifeline), and not across the base of the fingers. This position will dramatically change the lie of the putter, allowing the putter's sole to sit flat on the ground rather than toe up

  • Place the right hand on the 2Thumb Putter Grip in a conventional way with the thumb placed on top to the right of centre, and the fingers wrapped underneath as normal. Now place the left thumb on top, beside the right thumb and overlap or interlock your fingers underneath, whichever feels more comfortable.

    • The 2Thumb Putting Grip allows for many more comfortable grip options than the standard putter grip.

  • When you set up to the golf ball, you will see that the shoulders are naturally square with your hips and feet. In the putting stroke you will feel that all of the top half of your body-shoulders, arms and hands-can now move in more of an easy motion and that there is little or no arc.

  • The simplest and most accurate putting will come from a straight back and straight through stroke.

Keen observers of the recent British Open from Carnoustie and the World Golf Championship held at the Firestone Country Club will have noticed the growing popularity of the 2 Thumb Putter Grip series which are making a significant impact on the European tour and beyond.

Leading tour players such as Colin Montgomerie, Miguel Angel Jimenez and Stuart Appleby have joined the growing ranks of tour professionals adopting the 2 Thumb Putter Grip in tournament play.

International PGA Professional Miguel Angel Jimenez took the 2 Thumb Putter Grip for the first time into play at the PGA BMW Championship at Wentworth, finishing equal fifth at -6 on a very wet and windy course. Philip Gazeley has been working closely with Miguel for the last two years on his putting building Miguel's consistency, producing several top ten finishes already this season.

Now Available in Three Models!

2 Thumb Original Putter Grip

Already a worldwide success, the 2 Thumb Original Putter Grip has recently secured a first and second place victory in Japan on the Suntory LPGA Tour, with numerous top ten finishes on other worldwide PGA tours throughout 2006. Designed specifically for the golfer who likes to feel the security of a high quality large grip in their hands.

2 Thumb Light Putter Grip

Designed and manufactured in an exciting new lightweight compound the 2 Thumb Light Putter Grip, which has taken a year of research and development by Eaton Golf Pride's technicians. Exclusively available for those golfers who prefer to have more feel through the putter head whilst enjoying the feel of a full size grip.

2 Thumb "Shorty" Putter Grip

Many respected PGA Tour players have recently tested the new 2 Thumb Shorty Putter Grip and have given this the thumbs up. With the advent of the shorter putter, this grip falls perfectly into place for the player who likes to have control over his putter while using the 2 Thumb hold and pendulum action.

"With a standard putter grip, one hand above the other, your shoulders tilt rather than stay level, this sets you open to the target line and you have to adjust your alignment to stay square to the hole.

I wanted to find an easy way to get your shoulders square at address. So I started experimenting with gripping my putter in different ways. I discovered that if I had my hands level with each other everything stayed square. I knew I'd hit on something, so I designed the wider 2Thumb Putter Grip to allow both hands to sit comfortably side by side.

-Philip H. Gazeley
Inventor & Professional Putting Coach

"With only one hour of practice with the 2Thumb Putter Grip I managed to win a local ladies "fun" putting competition, so maybe I haven't got it all wrong - and congratulations to you.

Best wishes and expectations."

A. Richmond

"I have been on vacation a couple of days but on my return earlier this week the putter grips arrived in the mail! Thanks for that! I have put them on my putter and the feeling is very good. Of course it makes the putter a little bit heavier, but that promotes a smoother putting stroke.

Yesterday I shot a 4 over in our evening golf club competition, holding a couple of long ones. I still need to get used to it a little bit, but I like the start. You do get some weird looks, but once they have tried it doesn't look so weird anymore. Hopefully I will be back with you for some more putter grips to order."

A. Van Ham

"I have had the 2Thumb Putter Grip fitted (by an astonished pro) and I'm absolutely delighted with it. My putts have been much more on line and it has really helped my confidence on the green.

Thanks too for the helpful putting tips that you also provided (particularly that one about keeping your knees still). I wish you all the best.... l will certainly recommend you very highly."

M. Dawson

"I bought the 2Thumb Putter Grip at the London Golf show. I put the grip on my putter on Saturday evening and used it on Sunday. I have never rolled the ball so well and hit the sweet spot of the putter so often. I rolled the ball so consistently that every putt took the natural line on the putting green, sometimes taking borrows that I didn't even knew existed, even though I've putted on these greens for over 20 years!

I'm confident that the 2 Thumb Putter Grip will really help me reduce my putts per round from my current 34-35 down to 29-30 which will have a significant impact on my handicap."

Tim Dunn

"I installed the 2 Thumb Putter Grip on a Ping Answer putter. Messed around with the putter on the rug and 20- 30 minute practice sessions on putting green. Using a grip with both thumbs side by side just above the white cross line, 3 fingers of right hand over and in between spacing of left hand, index fingers both down the sides. ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! This is from age 63 golfer with a USGA competitive past who lost all putting expertise, if there ever was any, over 25 years ago, who has averaged 33-38 putts per round for years. 26 PUTTS YESTERDAY, 3 BIRDIES, AND 7 1 PUTT PAR SAVES, NO 3 PUTTS. Due to putting I gave up on competitive golf but now I feel like honing my golf game for more competition.



"I thought I would drop you a line to let you know the reaction my new 2 Thumb Putter Grip has received up here in Scotland. First reactions have nearly always been '...look at the size of that grip--- can I have a go?

Most people then say '...too awkward , I can't use it...' I then give them a short demonstration of how the golf ball rolls truly and they want another go. I have had members actively seeking me out because they have heard about my putter grip.

The thing which is giving extra credence to me using the two thumb grip is because I won our big open competition two weeks ago--only thing is I did not have the new grip fitted at that time. I received your grip on the Friday before the open and thought that it did not give me enough time to practice before the big competition.

When I tell people that I changed grips after the open, they think I am mad. Since then I have shot a 69 and a 70 and my handicap is now down to 10.9

It is absolutely fantastic and I think it is going to be the next big thing in golf--I have passed your website details on to at least 10 people so far and I am certain you will get more orders."

Drew Boyd

"My very good friend introduced me to your two thumb putter grip today - I've never seen or felt anything like it.

I am going to Q-School this year, and would like to get 5 of these 2 Thumb Putter Grips on my various putters as quickly as possible. I won 13 tournaments last year, have won over 10 this year, and think I could win even more with putter grips like these on my putters."

Best regards
D Pichon

"I do not know if your 2 Thumb Putter Grip has had any professional victories yet, but I was able to win a chapter event here in Michigan using your two thumb grip. I just wanted to let you know and thank you for your innovation."

Best regards
W Moore
PGA Professional


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