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Posfit SONA Golf Fitness Trainer

Golf Fitness Trainer : SAC

The unique design of the Posfit Sona Golf Fitness Trainer allows you to strengthen golf specific muscles in just minutes. The innovative ergonomic gripping options enable a wide range of stretching and fitness exercises. Improves overall strength, flexibility and balance.


Item #: SAC100
List Price: $99.95
Your Price: $79.95

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The S.A.C. (Swing Ab Core) GOLF unique design allows you to strengthen your golf specific muscles in just  minutes a day - at home, before teeing off, at the practice range, or in the off season. The S.A.C.'s innovative ergonomic gripping options provide a level of versatility no other multi grip ball can match - enabling a wide range of stretching and fitness exercises. In addition to improving overall strength, flexibility and balance, the S.A.C. allows you to target your core muscles correctly simulating your golf swing.

Each and every golfer can improve their game dramatically by practicing only a few minutes a day with the SAC GOLF Swing exercise ball. More than just a medicine ball, the SAC Golf Swing Ball conditions your physical body for optimal golf performance. Strengthen your golf specific muscles and be ready for golf anytime. 

  • Develop core golf strength and trunk stability.
  • Train to release the golf club.
  • Unify the hands and increase rotational power.
  • Develop a connected golf swing plane.

Instructional DVD Included

"Not only will The SAC Golf Swing Ball exercise ball dramatically improve your swing, it will help to eliminate injuries, improve performance and help you look, feel and play better."

Randy Myers
Vice President of Education
United Stated Golf Fitness Association
PGA NATIONAL Palm Beach Garden , FL

"The most important thing I teach is the proper setup and routine first. Then the proper swinging action of the arms. Then the correct transfer of weight, back swing, downswing, follow through. The SAC Golf Swing Ball definitely helps the student feel this procedure, plus, it builds and strengthens the right muscle groups to ensure progress."

John Hardy
P.G.A. Master Professional
Temeku Hills, C.C., CA

"The SAC Golf Swing Ball exercise ball trains me to use my core body to efficiently move the club instead of moving my wrist. This allows me to keep the club on a consistent plane. I would recommend this product to any golfer looking to improve their golf game and overall fitness level."

Philip Fecteau P.G.A.
N.E.P.G.A. Teacher of the Year 1998
Top Instructors USA GOLF MAGAZINE 2001-03
Firefly C.C., MA


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