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Powerball Sports Pro Gyro Exerciser

Powerball Sports Pro Gyro Exerciser
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Powerball Gyros are perfect for anyone who engages in repetitive wrist and arm motions, either at work or in sports. Gyros strengthen your wrists, arms, grip and range of motion. Rotor reaches speeds up to 9,000 RPM and puts out 35 lbs. of torque.


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The Original Powerball Pro Gyro is the gyroscope exercise ball that everyone is talking about. The rotor reaches speeds of up to 9,000 RPM and puts out 35 lbs. of torque.

The Dyna-Flex Pro Gyro ball features a new "thermo band" which aids the user in controlling this powerhouse.

The DynaFlex Pro Gyro wrist exerciser is an addictive wrist/arm exerciser ball that is used my tens of thousands of people everyday as a stress-reliever, a carpal-tunnel reliever, and a strength and coordination builder.

The Dyna Flex Pro Gyro exercise ball is perfect for anyone who engages in repetitive wrist and arm motions, either at work or in sports (e.g., golf, tennis, etc.). It strengthens your wrists, arms, grip and range of motion. We challenge you to take hold of the Dyna-Flex Pro when it's moving at 9,000 RMPs!


Dyna Flex gyroscopic excersie balls are simple to get started and use:

Beginners' Starting Method

(Using included
starter cord)

Advanced Starting Method
Features & Benefits:
  • Build strength while improving coordination

  • New easy grip outer sphere for better control and prolonged usage

  • Generates up to 32 lbs of gyroscopic pressure when maximum RPM's (9,000) are reached

  • Variable resistance is achieved by increasing or decreasing the speed

  • Because Dyna-Flex exercise gyro is iso-tonic and iso-kinetic, rather than iso-metric, it is safe and effective, in the medical therapeutic setting, as well as for sports training and rehabilitation

  • Get the edge in tennis, bowling, golf or any sport that requires a strong grip and/or control

  • Exclusive new design for ease of starting

  • Build strength while improving coordination

  • New easy grip outer sphere for better control and prolonged usage

  • Perfect for sports warm-ups!

Reviews & Awards:
  • Golf Today

  • Golf Club Review

  • Contraption

  • PGA Partners Club

  • Time Magazine (Top 10 New Devices of 2001)

As reviewed byGolf Club Review

Now it is the likes of Greg Norman, Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods, but they used to say that the ultimate golfer would look something like Popeye. His most prominent feature would be massive forearms. Those arms would be coupled to thick, powerful legs, and narrow, sloping shoulders. Gary Player, Hal Sutton and David Duval best exemplify this physical type. The huge, powerful forearms were the key to this optimum image. The rest of the physical package was engineered to best support the arms. that tells us a lot about how beneficial strong forearms can be to successful golf. Well, the Dyna - Flex is the training aid that Popeye would use if Popeye ran out of spinach and had to rely upon exercise to attain his vital muscle mass.

The Dyna - Flex is designed to strengthen most parts of the hands and arms, but most particularly the forearms. It manages to do that extremely well in a decidedly entertaining manner. This is the kind of gadget that compels users to pick it up and use it. It is a training aid that probably won't end up in the back of a closet as soon as most of the others you have bought in the past.

The Dyna - Flex is comprised of a sphere within a sphere. Yanking the red string starts the internal, yellow ball spinning inside of the hollow, exterior globe. The amount of motion is minimal at first. Proper wrist rotation accentuates that motion until the ball climbs to a dizzying rate of speed (up to 9,000 RPMs). When flying really fast, a high-pitched whirring sound develops - like that of a miniature flying saucer. The force generated by the gyro effect of this contradictory motion makes this ball want to go flying out of whatever hand is trying to restrain it. In fact, it can easily fly lose and bang into anything that happens to be nearby. That is part of the appeal of this device.

Learning to manipulate the Dyna - Flex in the proper manner can take some people a little while to learn. They have trouble getting the ball up to high speeds. The gadget is still good exercise for them, but it is not as enjoyable an experience. Once the proper hand/wrist motion is perfected the exercise takes on a serious nature. Keeping the operative arm suspended and moving actively engages many different muscle groups. The user receives a very real feeling of "working out". He can sense his muscles strengthening. Regular use of this aid will make anyone stronger - and better coordinated.

The Dyna - Flex retails for about $25.00. All of the testers at GCR who used this tool expressed a great fondness for it with some testers using it for hours on end. It got rave reviews.

What Golfers are Saying about DynaFlex Excercise Gyros:

"Bowling is fun. Gyroscopes are fun. But therapy? When the therapy is a gyroscope that helps you bowl a 300 it's all fun... ...S. Page of Overland, bowled his first sanctioned 300 and raised his average 15 pins with the help of the Dyna-Flex exercise gyro, a gyroscope that he was given for carpal tunnel syndrome......"I wouldn't give mine up for the world," Page said. "My arm has gotten better, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. My whole bowling team has it now. I use a 15-pound ball and it feels like a 10-pound ball," Page said.

Paul Coro

The Dyna-Flex exercise gyro is a clever exercise devise potentially a great benefit to motorcyclists. In fact top riders the world over are using it already, including World Superbike rider Simon Crafar. The Dyna-Flex builds up wrist and forearm strength. It works in a rather unique way using gyroscopic force to exercise the wrist and forearms. ...Once you've got it spinning and used it just once, you can feel your forearm, bicep and tricep muscles complaining as if they'd had a hard workout - and you haven't even left your chair. Cycletreads head honcho Sean Walsh says after just a week he saw the benefits, and a number of both on and off road riders already report use is alleviating problems they've been having with their wrists. Mr. Selby G.M. of Honda Cars Norther Region, almost sold his Ducati 900 after nagging wrist and forearm problems; he's changed his mind after using the Dyna-Flex.


"I fell and broke my left wrist in four places!!! After a 5 1/2 hour operation I had several steel pins and clamps attached to my arm. After 2 1/2 months the pins and clamps came out and I could not move my hand at all. I had a bad case of muscle adhesion, the muscles had stuck or grown together from non-use: and all the soft tissue in my wrist had become rock hard... ...My doctor said I should incorporate the Dyna-Flex gyro into my daily work out routine so I started. I cannot tell you how fast and how effectively my left hand recovered! From using the Dyna-Flex gyro the tendon/muscle adhesion disappeared, the muscle tone returned and most importantly, the soft tissue in my hand and wrist is SOFT AGAIN!!! My Doctor and I are both convinced its from using the Dyna-Flex."

Neal Sausen
Wrist Surgery Patient

"I have spent close to $700 in a Sports Physician's office undergoing treatment on both elbow and forearms. The constant pain and frustration kept me from playing the game I love. Golf. Even simple tasks such as washing your face and pulling up a zipper were not done without some discomfort. For the last 5 weeks I have used this small powerhouse of a machine in my daily workouts. Not only has the constant dull ache gone away, but I have played Golf with no pain at all. That's something that hasn't happened in nearly 2 years."

Dennis Coats
Sports Medicine Patient

"After all kinds of problems with Tennis Elbow, using the Dyna-Flex Sports Gyro Exerciser has gotten me to the point where I can play tennis pain free. After a few minutes of the Dyna-Flex I can hit as hard as I want without the use of splints and Advil. The most amazing thing is I'm a professional drummer and it has my wrists all warmed up and ready to play a gig without going through the old 2 hour warm up."

Tony Racclatti
Tennis Player/Professional Drummer

"Growing up in the southwest desert, I began rock climbing about twenty five years ago. Early in my experiences, I remember purchasing an original Dyna-Flex gyro exerciser from a local outdoor store...once it was running it provided excellent resistance training to my wrist and grip. Of course at the time I was too young to know this; I bought it because it was a neat gadget with technology linked to spaceships. But over time I realized, as I climbed more and trained more with the Dyna-Flex, my wrists grew stronger."

Rock Climber

"Just a quick note to say thank you. The people in my office & my brother-in-law's office (who originally got me started on this craze over 2 years ago) are ecstatic. It sounds like a Bee Hive in here with them all buzzing at once. I work it myself on the way to my Karate classes. It warms up my forearms perfectly in approx. 10-15 minutes & relaxes my wrist also. People are constantly asking me about it & soon I'll be ordering more from you. Again: just thanks for a great customer relations."

Russell Lomando
Dyna-Flex User

"I can't tell you enough how much I love my Dyna-Flex! I gave up a career as a cosmetologist because of an injury to my right hand. I still do hair from time to time when my hand doesn't hurt. Yet after using the Dyna-Flex sports gyro, I found that I can do a lot more. I haven't had any pain in my hand at all since I've used the Dyna-Flex. I can type faster, write longer, and still cut hair. I'm going to buy one for all my friends. Thank You So Much!"

Tamara Ryan-den Haas
Dyna-Flex User

"Today I train the Cy Young award winners of tomorrow at my private pitching clinic. For me the Dyna-Flex is an indispensable training tool not only for throwing and pitching but for improving of bat speed as well. The Dyna-Flex exercise gyro ball is the most amazing exercise machine of the 21st Century. With space age gyroscopic power the Dyna-Flex develops strength and coordination in your hands, wrists, and arms. It has so many uses and benefits the Dyna-Flex has to be one of the best bargains of its kind anywhere. As a Therapeutic device the Dyna-Flex has helped those with disabling arthritis regain better use of their hands. Its recommended by respected therapists for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Nothing rehabilitates an injury to the hand, wrist, or arm like the Dyna-Flexexercise gyro ball. I'm sure you'll like it."

Randy Jones
Cy Young Award Winner

"This past year I was named Team Physician for a professional boxing team. I was brought on because the principal boxer suffered back and wrist pain after intense training and sparring sessions, as well as after his professional bouts. One of the most useful tools to rehabilitate and strengthen his wrists was your product the Dyna-Flex. The Dyna-Flex sports gyro has added so much more benefit than just using weights because it is a dynamic training method that takes the wrist through the actual ranges of the motion while adding resistance..."

Dr. Todd Narson

"I would certainly recommend the Dyna-Flex exercise gyro ball as a functional tool that can be easily carried in a player's gear bag for road trips. The most obvious advantage of the Dyna-Flex might never get mentioned in 'practical' reviews: They're fun...if it isn't reasonably enjoyable to do, athletes won't do it very well, or very often. Get one out and play with it and you generate a crowd of interested onlookers. Everyone wants to try it and everyone who does will get a sense of it."

Steve Myrland
University of Wisconsin, Intercollegiate Athletics

"We have used the Dyna-Flex exercise gyro ball in our clinics and have found it to be excellent exercise/rehab devise. We have discovered many applications for its use, including rotator cuff strengthening and endurance training, shoulder stabilization, scapular stabilization as well as wrist flexor/extensor strengthening and for improving grip strength. Its small size enables it to be used at home, on vacation, or while sitting in a waiting room! We prescribe and dispense the Dyna-Flex sports gyro for numerous home exercise programs for your patients."

Brian Wong
Physical Therapist
Owner of Physical Therapy Clinics

"A 4,000-pound nautilus machine will work the big muscle groups, but if its forearms and hands you want to strengthen, there's a piece of equipment that's considerably more portable... ...Dyna-Flex can pack a punch equal to that of a 32-pound dumbbell. Its astounding resistance radiates form the centrifugal force of a gyroscope that spins inside a baseball-size, rigid plastic globe... ...Hands down its THE BEST LOWER-ARM WORKOUT I'VE HAD -- and all while sitting here before my computer screen."

Bob Howles

Shooters Wrist: Shooters always seem to be looking for a new way to strengthen their forearms for better stamina and control on the range. Here's a new exercise device that does just that...the Dyna-Flex exercise gyro ball. It worked like this: You hold a fist sized plastic ball in your hand while inside a weighted gyroscope spins at high speed. Flexing your wrist increases the gyroscope's speed and also works against its plane of momentum, so its like twisting a heavy weight with your wrist muscles. Working the Dyna-Flex also increases wrist and hand flexibility and coordination...and it's kinda fun too."

Scott Farrell

TENNIS ELBOW: I recently obtained a new exercise device that is excellent at building strength in your grip, wrist, and arms. This can greatly reduce the risk of tennis elbow. The Dyna-Flex gyro exerciser is a simple hand held gyroscope that increases the resistance as you increase the speed of the gyro. The baseball size exerciser is easy to carry and can be used anywhere, anytime. Just a few minutes ad ay is all that is required to increase forearm strength."

Greg Donner


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