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Align Drive

Align Drive

The Align-Drive golf stance training aid helps you assure that your hips and shoulders are parallel with the target line, and the ball is the correct distance from your feet, located correctly between them in your stance.


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What is the most common problem for golfers at all levels?
Poor alignment to the target, and incorrect ball position in the stance. Even professional tour players can have problems with alignment from time to time.

ALIGN-DRIVE golf swing trainer corrects alignment problems by:

Locking you in square to the target

Positioning the ball in the proper part in your stance

Providing stance-width markings for perfect forward foot position and guidance for rear foot

Helping establish a consistent pre-shot routine

The Problem
90% of amateur golfers align themselves incorrectly to the target, and 95% do not know where to properly place the ball in their stance. Occasionally even the best touring professionals align themselves too far left or right of the target, place the ball too far back or forward in their stance, or too close or too far from the feet. While the body may not be aligned to the intended target, the eyes can easily become accustomed to "think" that the body is correctly aligned. When the ball goes too far left or right of target, the golfer may attribute it to a swing fault and may try to compensate or "correct" the swing, when in reality just a minor alignment or ball position adjustment is needed.

The Cure

The ALIGN-DRIVE golf swing trainer helps you assure that your hips and shoulders are parallel with the target line, and the ball is the correct distance from your feet, located correctly between them in your stance. By practicing with the ALIGN-DRIVE golf swing trainer, you will develop consistency and learn to recognize what proper ball position and alignment looks and feels like. Your line to the target will be accurate, and the ball will be in the proper position. With practice you will develop and retain consistent alignment and ball-position memory. This golf swing trainer is one of our most popular golf training aids.


1. Assembly. Remove the alignment shaft from Align-Drive golf swing trainer and insert it into one of the three holes, corresponding to the club you will use.

The "D" club position is for Driver through 4 iron. The alignment shaft places the ball farthest from the toes and closest to the forward heel.

The "5" position is for the 5-8 irons. The alignment shaft moves the ball closer to the toes and farther from the forward heel.

The "9" position is for the 9 iron and all wedges. The alignment shaft places the ball closest to the toes, and farthest from the forward heel.

2. Tee the Ball. As with all of our golf training aids, we recommend using a tee with all clubs until you are able to consistently strike the ball on target and with the proper trajectory.

3. Position ALIGN-DRIVE golf swing trainer. Place it on the ground between you and the ball. Position the golf swing trainer so that the tip of the shaft is a few inches in front of the ball so you won't hit the shaft when you swing. Make sure the Align-Drive golf swing trainer is parallel to the target line - not pointed at the target, but just slightly left of the target.

4. Take your stance. Use the recommended foot positions for the club selected. Your shoulders and hips should be square with the Align-Drive golf swing trainer. If you are taller than average, widen the stance. If shorter than average, narrow the stance a little. The width of the stance should be wide enough to provide you with balance while striking the ball.

5. Swing Normally. Hit a dozen balls from each position. The results you realize using this golf training aid will astound you.

You can sandwich the Align-Drive golf swing trainer with 4 tees which straddle the Align-Drive - two toward the front and two toward the back. That way, the Align-Drive golf swing trainer stays in position if you accidentally tap it with your toes as you swing. If you are using irons and hitting the ball from the surface, this golf swing trainer also allows you to easily push it back slightly with each swing to keep a tight divot pattern. Golf course superintendents will thank you for that!

Touring pros responded to a major golf magazine's survey asking them where they normally tee the ball in relation to the forward heel, distance from toes to the ball, and width of their stance. The ALIGN-DRIVE golf swing trainer was designed using these measurements

This golf swing trainer places the ball in the correct position back from the forward heel and adjusts the distance in from toes-to-ball. It also provides markings, which will help you in acquiring correct stance width.

The ALIGN-DRIVE golf swing trainer uses just three positions which work for all woods, irons and wedges. By giving you correct alignment to the target and correct ball position in the stance you have eliminated two of the most common mistakes made by golfers at all levels. The ALIGN-DRIVE golf swing trainer lets you groove the fundamentals of alignment, ball and foot position without over-thinking all the other aspects of the process.

The ALIGN-DRIVE golf swing trainer uses a tapered shaft that stops at a different location in each of the three hole positions to adjust the distance from toe to ball.


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