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Birdie Ball Twelve Pack

Birdie Ball Twelve Pack

BirdieBall is a limited flight practice golf ball. It looks like a "napkin ring" yet flies exactly like a golf ball. It has a limited distance of about 40 yards. It spins exactly like a golf ball, it is heavy, it draws, it fades, and it is fun.


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How BirdieBall Works

The BirdieBall spins exactly like a golf ball - that is why it flies exactly like a golf ball, but for a shorter distance.

The reverse spin around the BirdieBall's center of gravity, created with the loft of the club (the larger the loft the higher the spin rate), is similar to a golf ball. All that is required is that the BirdieBall be struck when in the upright position.

When a golf ball "fades" or "slices", its axis is tilted for a right-handed golfer, from left to right. When it "draws" or "hooks", its axis us tilted for a right-handed golfer, from right to left.

The BirdieBall behaves similarly.

The non-dimpled, straight sides resist flight. The radius on the leading edge and the aerodynamic, open center encourage flight and lift. The oscillation between the two, as it rotates from air brake to airfoil., makes the turbine sound. The lifting aspects help it hang in the air, the braking aspects reduce the distance it travels. The combination of the two provide a short flight, long hang time device.

"You know what its like playing golf all day...you feel like playing golf...and now you can...swing away...in your own backyard...thanks to a new invention."
--Vic Lombardi - CBS 4 Sports Anchor, June 03 during US Open, Olympia Fields

The StrikePad

The StrikePad is quite simple. It is a cambered, flexible polymer spring. It saves lawns and parks from damage. It protects clubs from damage caused by rough mats or the ground. It reduces jarring of arms and shoulders at impact. Beginning golfers can easily square the club and cannot hit the ball "fat". StrikePad simulates taking a divot and rebounds in the blink of an eye. It can be placed on any surface including asphalt, concrete, dirt or grass. Further, the StirikePad does not need to be anchored in place. StrikePad does not grab the club and has very little friction. As a result the club slides freely and leaves the pad in place.

"At first I was very skeptical...We started hitting them and we're getting instant feedback. So we dais let's hook some-they hooked, let's slice some-they sliced. It was instant."
--Tim Pratt - Director of Instruction, Applewood Golf


The BirdieBall has remarkable, satisfying flight. It flies just far enough to show ball flight. BirdieBalls fly about 40 yards.

"This technology came along at precisely the right time for THE FIRST TEE program...great on the short golf courses, for instruction and we love hitting them."
--Tom Woodard, Director of Golf, City and County of Denver


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