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Gary Player Heavy Hitter Driver

Gary Player Heavy Hitter Driver

Heavy Hitter weighted golf practice drivers feature perimeter weighted clubhead matched to a weighted shaft that flexes perfectly for a natural ball flight. Heavy Hitter allows you to hit golf balls in your practice routine.


Item #: HHD100
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The Heavy Hitter golf swing trainer by Gary Player has an aluminum cast head that is perimeter weighted internally with lead. The club head is sized traditionally because its weight is balanced throughout the shaft.

The first fundamental of the golf swing is the grip. Most poor golf swings are caused by a faulty grip. The Heavy Hitter Swing Accelerator with its molded training grip, ensures a perfect grip every time.

This is not a training aid that will end up in the garage because of boredom. You don't use this tool and then go and practice...you use this club while you practice! This is the training aid you will continue to use throughout your life. No matter what level of golfer you are: Beginner, Ladies, Senior, Weekend Player, or on Tour.

Why is it that your practice swing seems flawless, and then when you go to strike the ball, something tends to break down in your swing?! Because something happens when you need to make contact. The pressure is on, timing, tempo and the proper fundamentals must be there. That is the swing you use when you play, that should be the swing you use when you are investing time into your game.

If you are going to work at your game, get the most out of your practice time.

How to Choose between White or Black Clubhead
Black is more traditional and easier to keep clean.
White enhances the sight of the swing path and helps to focus on the proper "inside" swing path and helps to eliminate the "over the top" swing.

Available with a Molded Training Grip or Standard Grip
Most poor golf swings are caused by a faulty grip. With the molded grip,
it ensures a perfect grip every time.

The Heavy Hitter Swing Accelerator is Available in Three Models
Model Weight Description
Light: (650gms)
  • Recommended for the High Handicap.
    Beginners, Seniors or Ladies
  • About twice the weight of a standard driver.
  • Teaches proper swing fundamentals for players whose golf muscles are not yet developed.
  • Has a GOLD BAND on the shaft.
Medium: (850gms)
  • Recommended for the Mid Handicap player.
  • For longer, straighter, more dependable shots.
  • Has a RED BAND on the shaft.
Heavy: (1000gms)
  • Recommended for the Low Handicap player.
  • A great physical workout tool.
  • Has a BLACK BAND on the shaft.
All models of Heavy Hitter golf swing trainer are designed to take out on the range and hit balls.

Each club has a weighted clubhead matched to a specifically designed weighted shaft with the proper flex and kick point which creates a precision balanced golf club that performs accurately and consistently.

Impact feels as smooth as titanium and also gives you true feedback by the flight of the ball.

Each club includes an audio instructional CD with tips directly from Gary Player!
The Heavy Hitter Swing Accelerator Makes the Most of Your Practice Time...
Strengthens Every Muscle Used In A Golf Swing
Develops A Full Shoulder Turn
Stabilizes Your Balance
Teaches Proper Weight Shift
Lengthens Your Swing
Maximizes Club Head Speed
Automatically Sets Tempo & Timing

Accelerates the learning process of the fundamentals as well as accelerating:
  • Muscle Memory
  • Muscle Development
  • Clubhead Speed

How Can I Achieve Maximum Benefits?

  • Swing the Heavy Hitter Swing Accelerator with or without using a ball, all the while concentrating on proper swing fundamentals: Swing Path, Weight Shift, Balance, Full Shoulder Turn, Grip
  • Using short periodic intervals on a regular basis
  • Take a slow unhurried take-away, and let centrifugal force draw the weight of the club through the hitting zone, for proper acceleration Take that same rhythmic tempo back to your regular clubs


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