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Golfer's Footprint

Golfer's Footprint

Golfer's Footprint swing plane trainers encourage proper alignment with every swing, giving you a visual reference to standardize your pre-shot routine and helps you to square your feet, body, and club face to the target line.


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With a Golfer's Footprint ® Swing Plane Trainer, you can start standardizing your practice station and begin working on critical aspects of your game.

Focus on swing path or club-face angle at impact. Drill yourself on alignment, squaring yourself to the target line, and hitting down the target line. Work on cutting the golf ball back to the target with a draw or fade shot. Make a plan and stick with it.

Your plan does not have to be complicated. With a
Golfer's Footprint ® Swing Plane Trainer, you can start standardizing your practice station and begin working on critical aspects of your game.

Made in the U.S.A.
When you hit off of the GFi Swing Plane Trainer, you benefit from bold, visual references that show your correct club face, swing path, point of impact, and target line.

Every time you swing the golf club, you reinforce the correct swing mechanics; this forges the crucial link that enables your muscles to execute the golf swing that your mind envisions.

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  1. The Golfer's Footprint, Inc made the decision to build the swing plane trainer out of the best plastic available. As we found out in the research and development, not all plastics are the same. Many are called Lexan, however, not all are shatter proof and considered high impact.

  2. We chose High-Impact General Electric (GE) LEXAN Plastic. Although the price of the plastic is higher than the non-high impact plastics, the GFi Swing Trainer will last longer and withstand thousands of impacts under normal usage.

  3. The Golfer's Footprint ® Swing Plane Trainer is made in America; packaged and shipped by TEi Packaging, an American Fulfillment Company out of Meridian, Idaho, USA.

The Golfer's Footprint ® Swing Plane Trainer comes in either a
right- or left-handed version.

What Golfers are saying about the Golfer's Footprint ® Swing Plane Trainer:

Cherry Hills CC, site of the 1960 US Open won by Arnie and many other major championships, was exposed today to the Golfer's Footprint ® Swing Plane Trainer.

I proudly took it to the range and hit ball after ball from it...I enjoy it... First, it's portable. Second, I found that hitting a ball from it was not nearly as loud or awkward as I envisioned. Third, I drew the ball with ease. (Must tell you that I usually play over a hundred rounds a year, and carry a 5.2) I also tried to hit a fade (not what I like to do) and was able to accomplish that as well. Fourth, the unit is in my price range. (I see on your web site that the price is currently at $42.50).

I can't find anything about it that doesn't appeal to me. We will not only talk about it this Sunday on the show, but will post our results on the web site... Thanks again,

Jerry Walters
In The Fairway
KOA 850 AM
Denver, CO

I have used it with a neighbor, his 5 yr. old, and my 3 and 5 year old. Very impressive results (kids and adults) for the first use. I have a lesson scheduled soon with our pro and I plan to take it with me. Keep up the good work!

PGA Magazine

The Golfer's Footprint ® Swing Plane Trainer has been reviewed and approved by the PGA Partners Club.


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