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Medicus Maximus Weighted Clubs Bundle

Medicus Maximus Weighted Clubs Bundle
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Three club combo, includes Driver, 7-iron, and lob wedge. Maximus Weighted Trainers fall into the perfect swing plane every time to eliminate hooks or slices and build muscle memory and develop the golf muscles for strength and accuracy. $60.00 savings versus puchasing items individually. Discount applied at checkout.


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Improve Distance and Accuracy with the Maximus Weighted Swing Trainers!

Introducing the full line of Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers from Medicus. The Medicus has been chosen by golf pros as the #1 swing trainer club in the world.

Now Medicus is bringing you the Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers to build your golf muscles.

The full line of Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers groove your driver and short irons as weighted swing trainers.

These non-hinged weighted trainers develop the golf muscles for strength and accuracy.  The Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers are the perfect compliment to the Medicus Dual-Hinge trainers.
  • Include complete instructional CD-ROM and printed instruction manual.

  • Used by top teaching pros like Rodger Gunn to teach how to hit for powerful distance and accuracy.

  • The Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers includes a hittable, USGA approved wedge, so the user gets instant feedback on the range, seeing a proper ball flight when practicing, building confidence!

  • The Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers build golf-specific muscles and increase flexibility

  • Free Bonus CD-ROM

  • The "Inertial Weight Shift" teaches the proper swing plane, leading to dramatic distance and accuracy improvements!

  • Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers teach tempo and timing, turning a "Hitter" into a "Swinger!"

  • 60 day money back guarantee!

Driver: Weight: 2 lbs, 4 oz (men's) / 1 lbs 14 oz (women's)
Length: 44" (men's) / 42" (women's)
Loft: 12 dg
7-Iron: Weight: 2 lbs, 8 oz (men's) / 2 lbs (women's)
Length: 36.5" (men's) / 35.5" (women's)
Loft: 34 dg
Lob-Wedge: Weight: 2 lbs (men's) / 1 lbs 12 oz (women's)
Length: 35" (men's) / 34" (women's)
USGA Approved

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With the Maximus Weighted Lob-Wedge, learn the pro's secret for distance, and develop the "Perfect Swing" in just days!

The Maximus will fix a slice or hook, stop "casting" or cupping, add yards to your shots, increase accuracy and increase swing speed! Okay... a lot of people make these claims, but for us, these claims are real! We get e-mails every day from people telling us the Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers are the best swing trainers that they have ever tried! Used by top teaching pros, the Maximus will change your game today... we guarantee it!

Four keys that make the Maximus Weighted Lob-Wedge the premier swing trainer:

  1. Being hittable - Get instant feedback while you practice!
  2. Inertial Weight Shift - For the perfect wrist release!
  3. Creates the perfect swing - Our special weighting gets you on plane!
  4. Real club feel - The Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers are real, weighted golf clubs!

Being Hittable:

Why is being hittable so important? If your tendency is to slice or hook, you'll never know with the other swing trainers. The only way to know for sure is to watch your ball's flight. And that brings the Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers to the head of the class!

The Proof... Instant Feedback:

Get instant visual feedback! It's almost impossible to hit a slice or hook shot with the Maximus. The Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers will create the perfect swing plane every time!

The proof is watching your shots fly towards the target! Groove the "Perfect Swing," build your shot-making confidence, and make it second nature on the course!

Inertial Weight Shift - The Pro's Secret:

A correct wrist release is the "pro's secret" for incredible distance! A good wrist release will do more for your distance than any other single change you can make. Our "Inertial Weight Shift" creates the ideal wrist cock/wrist release, and generates real pro-like distance! It's subtle, but you'll get enhanced momentum, and develop the ideal wrist release. You'll soon be adding "pro-like" distance to your shots!

Proprietary Weighting:

The Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers use special weighting to create the perfect swing plane. The Maximus is much more than a weighted club, it has a regular club feel, our patented "Soft Weighting System," and our wrist release enhancer. Put all that together, and that's why the Maximus feels like your own clubs. The Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers naturally create the correct swing plane. In fact, the Maximus is almost impossible to slice or hook and will increase your distance and accuracy! Say Goodbye to those slices, hooks, pushes or pulls!

Why the Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers?

Let's face it... you don't play with steel bars, funny bends, or flashing lights! When you play, you use real golf clubs, so when you practice, you need to groove a swing that goes right to the course! Your muscle memory will be imprinted with the "Perfect Swing," and you'll be ready for the first tee! Get the one trainer that people say works! The Maximus!

Maximus - A New Generation of Hittable Trainers!

Brunswick, Ohio - March 6, 2007 - Medicus Golf, which has earned a reputation for making golf's #1 training products, announces today that PGA Tour Pro Camilo Villegas will endorse the company's new Medicus Maximus line which includes the new Medicus PowerMeter and Maximus Hittable Weighted Driver, along with the original Maximus irons.

The new Medicus Maximus line is designed to help golfers improve their swing speed and accuracy and plays an important part in helping Camilo Villegas maintain his powerful golf game. Known for his commitment to physical fitness and his devoted training regimen, Villegas earned four top - 5 finishes during his rookie season on Tour in 2006 and finished top - 2 this past week at the Honda Classic.

Villegas possesses the ability to truly crush the ball by creating the kind of power that ranks him with the best in power hitting on Tour.  Bob Koch, President of Medicus Golf said today that "Medicus is very honored to have Camilo Villegas endorse the Medicus Maximus product line.  Camilo is a great fit because he represents the discipline, power, and persistence it takes to improve in this game.  At Medicus we believe that it is these attributes, along with the addition of the Maximus products, which will bring us one step closer to creating the ultimate Training and Performance System, designed to help golfers become the absolute best they can be !"  Villegas will be featured in Medicus' marketing and advertising initiatives, as well as train with Medicus Maximus products under the terms of the multi - year agreement.

Medicus Maximus and PowerMeter, the new Hittable Weighted Clubs and swing speed device, are designed to enhance your flexibility and strength and specifically build the muscles that will add power to your swing.  Look to the Medicus Power Meter to measure the success of this product in increasing your swing speed.  Attach the Power Meter to your own club, follow the practice standard designed for the Hittable Weighted Clubs, then re-measure your swing speed and look at the improvement.

What the Pros Say about the Medicus Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers:

"Probably one of the most effective training tools I have ever used.  The Maximus helps to keep my hands and arms trained for the kind of power required to get to the green!"

Camilo Villegas
PGA Tour Pro

"I really believe in the Maximus! Anyone who experiences a lack of power or casting will really benefit with just a few sessions with the Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers!"

Roger Gunn
SC PGA Teacher of the Year

"I swing it every day for 20 to 30 minutes. It really helps me with my tempo and timing, and helps me focus on my hip turn. I only need a few swings with my regular clubs after that, and I'm good to go!"

Ron Wuensche

"[I] am very pleased with it. I tested your competitor's driver and it's not anywhere close. Your L-wedge is also another quality Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers design that really helps the student swing on plane."

Dave Predzin
Golf Teaching Professional

"The Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers allow the hands to drop into the proper position and promotes proper hand rotation on the follow through... discourages casting!"

Aviara Golf Academy
Golf Magazine "Top 25"

"I have had two practice sessions with the 7 iron at the driving range. I consistently hit nice easy draws with every club in the bag... the perfect training aid for golfers! The Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers are by far the best golf training devices I have ever used, and I have tried most of them."

Chuck Ruth
Lacey, WA


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