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Perfect Pendulum

Perfect Pendulum

The Perfect Pendulum is a fully adjustable extension that fits on the end of any club, use it to learn a true a pendulum putting stroke and develop a consistent, pro-like short game.


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A fully adjustable extension that fits on the end of any club, use it to learn a true a pendulum putting stroke and develop a consistent, pro-like short game. Even improve your full swing. Great for right and left-handed golfers and used successfully by players from beginner to tour pro.

  • Putting - Make a pendulum stroke and boost your confidence
  • Short Game - Save strokes by chipping it closer
  • Full Swing - Work on your plane, path, turn and takeaway

The fastest and easiest way to lower your score is to improve in the scoring zone. With 60 percent of your shots coming on or around the green, even a small improvement can make a dramatic difference. That's why the Perfect Pendulum is such a valuable golf training aid.

The compact size makes it easy to take anywhere. Use it indoors or out. It's ideal for pre-round warm up. Eliminate the mistakes that cost you strokes and discover what it's like to Master the scoring zone.


The pendulum putting stroke is advocated by most of the top putting instructors and it's the same motion you can master with the Perfect Pendulum. Despite its universal acceptance, there are many misconceptions as to what a pendulum stroke looks like. The picture becomes clear, however, when you look at the physics of a pendulum. In its purest form, a pendulum is a hanging object that swings from a fixed point (picture a grandfather clock). In the case of putting, the fixed point is a spot in your midsection and the hanging object is the putter head.

Why does it matter?
Because if you are not releasing the putter head, you are pushing rather than stroking the ball, which is one of the main reasons putts do not start or stay on line. Tiger Woods also said after the 2008 Masters, "Out here, if you're not rolling the ball perfectly on line, you're not going to make putts. I had the speed right, I just didn't quite have the line right."

A pendulum putting stroke allows you to:
Start and keep putts on line
Get the ball rolling without skidding or hopping
Release the putter head without fear or strain
Have confidence in your putting
Sink more putts

A quick way to check if you execute a true pendulum putting stroke is to hold your follow through on a medium length stroke and draw a line with your eyes from the butt end of your putter and see if it points to the center of your belly. If you are like most golfers, your putter will likely be pointing somewhere in the vicinity of your left hip (if you are right-handed), which means you are holding onto the putter head through impact instead of releasing it, as was the case with Tiger Woods during the 2008 Masters.

Don't be fooled by other training aids claiming to teach you a pendulum stroke because without the connection point to your belly that you get with the Perfect Pendulum you are not assured of making a true pendulum motion. Putting aids with braces or rails lock you in a certain position and make you dependent on the device to replicate a pendulum stroke. Not so with the Perfect Pendulum. And unlike other similarly styled pendulum training aids, the Perfect Pendulum does not need to be repositioned after each putt.

Many of the same instructors that teach a pendulum putting stroke advocate the use of a belly putter to learn that motion. That is no longer necessary because the Perfect Pendulum teaches you to make a true pendulum putting stroke with your own putter.

The fastest way to improve your putting is not with a new putter, but a better putting stroke. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on another putter when you can fix your putting stroke for the price of a dozen golf balls. Begin the transformation of your putting today.



With the Perfect Pendulum you will learn the proper short game technique to chip it closer and immediately improve your score. Your will find your confidence around the greens growing as you build a solid short game on tried and true principles.

Don't flip when you chip. One of the biggest areas of inconsistency for many players is in their ability to chip the ball. The often make the wrong motion and have a tendency to scoop the ball rather than let the club do the work. Trying to scoop the ball by casting the club before impact or allowing the wrists to break down after impact can lead to skulled, chili-dipped and generally lousy shots around the green. The answer is found in keeping your hands ahead of the ball at impact.

That's where the Perfect Pendulum comes in. For chipping and pitching, you will learn to keep your hands ahead of the ball at impact. The end result will be a dramatic improvement in your short game.

Learn how to chip with:

With the Perfect Pendulum attached and extended to its fullest length, you can immediately see how to make the correct motion regardless of what club you choose. If you try to scoop the ball or if your wrists break down after impact you get instant feedback when the Perfect Pendulum makes contact with your side.

Order your Perfect Pendulum today and begin the transformation of your short game.


The Perfect Pendulum is a useful tool to help you monitor and improve your swing regardless of what kind of swing keys you use, what style of swing your professional teaches, or even if you are self-taught and don't practice that often. The Perfect Pendulum allows you to easily check the position of your club throughout your swing and perform drills to build consistency into your swing.

swing planesm.jpgSwing Plane
With the use of a mirror or even by yourself you will be able to see if your club is on the plane you intended. The Perfect Pendulum becomes an extension of the butt end of the club so you can see the plane.

Swing Path
You no longer have to wonder if you are coming at the ball from the inside-out, outside-in or right down the line. The Perfect Pendulum allows you to see the path of the club before impact.

One-Piece Takeaway
A lot of teachers advocate a one-piece takeaway, especially to combat the tendency by some players to set their wrists too early in the swing. The Perfect Pendulum helps you reverse that trend and start your swing right.

Connection Drill
Players who incorporate the use of their core in the swing generally have more power and consistency in their swing. The Perfect Pendulum allows you to feel the arms and body turn in harmony and helps you transform your swing from an arm swing to a more powerful body swing. The Perfect Pendulum also teaches you to make a full shoulder turn for maximum power.


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