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Power Swing Fan

Power Swing Fan
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The Power Swing Fan golf swing trainer uses four fins to create progressive resistance, teaching you to accelerate smoothly through the ball. This improves tempo and develops increased clubhead speed. One of the all time great training aids.


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Using The Power Swing Fan golf swing trainer improves your swing, adds distance to your shots and lets you feel the key elements of a sound golf swing as you’ve never felt them before with any other golf swing trainer.

Grip The Power Swing Fan golf swing trainer as you do any club, with your regular stance and setup. Keep your eye where the ball would be and swing--it’s that simple. Using The SwingBuilder golf swing trainer help eliminate swing faults such as picking the club up at the start of the backswing, coming over the top and casting.

Regular use of The Power Swing Fan golf swing trainer instills the feel of a sound swing in your muscle memory.

The Power Swing Fan golf swing trainer uses four fins to create progressive resistance, teaching you to accelerate smoothly through the ball. This improves tempo and develops increased club head speed.

Unlike heavily weighted golf swing trainers, there’s no momentum to destroy tempo, cause muscle strain or worse. With this golf swing trainer, you don’t have to increase the number of swings you take each day. Progressive resistance continues to make your muscles work as your strength increases, while encouraging rotation of the hips and shoulders.

You only have to swing The Power Swing Fan golf swing trainer 30-35 times a day, resting briefly after each set of five. If you’re right-handed, swing the golf swing trainer left-handed 10-15 times a day for muscle balance.

Use The Power Swing Fan golf swing trainer regularly and within weeks, your strength and swing will improve and you’ll hit better, longer shots.

History of the Power Swing Fan
Extensive research went into the development of the Power Swing Fan. The four plastic fins provide resistance throughout the entire swing and attain maximum resistance at impact, when velocity is greatest. The fasters you swing, the more resistance you will feel.

The strong resistance benefits the golfer by increasing muscle strength and improving body rotation. The most apparent improvement, as seen through high speed photography, is a stronger wrist position at impact. On powerful golf swings, this dynamic position results in a sling-shot effect - the leading wrist joint stops momentarily causing the clubhead to rapidly accelerate through the ball.

Physics of the Power Swing Fan
The design of the Power Swing Fan is based upon the use of a physics principle know as conservation of angular momentum. The equation for angular momentum is L = mrv. Angular Momentum = Mass x Radius X Velocity. Translated into the golf swing, the m reefers to the mass of the clubhead; the r refers to the distance between the clubhead and the center point for the radius of curvature of the clubhead as it travels through the swing, and the v refers to the clubhead velocity. Since the m remains constant, any change in the i will result in a n opposite change in v. Powerful gold swings always produce a reduction in the magnitude of the r. This results in the sling-show effect of the clubhead in the impact area - the essence of using angular momentum.

For years, weighted clubs or weighted sticks have been used in an attempt to increase velocity. Swinging weighted objects will strengthen a person, but may also slow down clubhead speed. Very simply, the weighted object creates a force that causes the radius to expand resulting in diminished velocity. An example of this result would be an attempt to stop the wrist joint in an impact position while swinging a bowling ball. Momentum carries the wrist joint forward - an exaggerated expansion of the radius. The swinging bowling ball certainly feels powerful, as does a weighted club, but the velocity where it counts (at impact position) is still quite slow. Although swinging a weighted club can be very beneficial to maintaining strength and consistency, such a workout should be followed by speed and tempo training with a light and / or whippy club.

Benefits of the Power Swing Fan
When developing the Power Swing Fan, golf professionals discovered that i helped cure three of golf's most common swing flaws; Lifting the club, coming over the top, and casting. The resistance from the fins forces the golfer to use the larger muscles in the back and torso. The Power Swing Fan cannot simply be picked up and lifter to the top. On the downswing, the air resistance causes a powerful lag move seen in almost all great golfers. Daily use for several months will add between 10 and 30 yards to your game.

The oldest, most successful golf swing trainer design on the market, The Power Swing Fan golf swing trainer improves your strength and tempo, while encouraging you to drop your club into the slot on the downswing.


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