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Self Teaching Board

Self Teaching Board
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The Self Teaching Board is the ideal low-cost solution to teaching or learning ball and foot placement as well as target "face alignment". Flip the board over and use the colorful grid as a visual reference for swingpath. Made from indestructible Lexan.


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Made from highly durable Lexan plastic, the Self Teaching Board Golf Training Aid encompasses a fix for many inconsistencies that a golfer faces in his or her game.

One side of the Self Teaching Board Golf Training Aid is color-coded to help illustrate a consistent inside-out swing plane and will help ensure the club face is aligned to the target at address.

The other side of the Self Teaching Board Golf Training Aid contains detailed graphics related to golf ball position as well as foot position in the golf stance.
Side One of the Self Teaching Board Golf Training Aid is color coded to help illustrate the swing path:
1. Setup:
First, aim the pointed end of the board toward your target. Stand squarely, facing the Self Teaching Board as you would when addressing the golf ball. Imagine the Self Teaching Board extending vertically upward as if it were a wall.

With this image you'll find it easier to square your feet, hips and shoulders to the board which parallels your flight line.
2. Face Position:
Take your grip and set the face of the golf club against the back of the Self Teaching Board until you feel it is square. If you want the face open or closed to play a curving shot, use the lines located farther forward on the board. Match your golf club face's leading edge for a slice or hook.
3. Swing Path:
The terms 'inside out' and 'outside in' (to describe a swing path) are sometimes difficult to visualize. But swinging through the Self Teaching Board's red to yellow for a slice and green to blue for a hook makes it easier for the student to understand.

Stand one driver's length away from the board. Grip the golf club then elevate it approximately one foot above the Self Teaching Board. so when you swing, the sight line from your eyes sees the club head crossing the color zones. The objective is to develop a swing path that travels across the green toward the blue in your sightline.

In fact this is a bit of an optical illusion as the golf club will actually be traveling more toward the pointed end (the arrow end) of the Self Teaching Board and onward to the target.

Side Two of the Self Teaching Board Golf Training Aid is numbered for proper setup & ball position:
Flip the Self Teaching Board onto the opposite side and you'll see the side that can help you with stance width and golf ball position.

The boxes indicating left and right foot positions are good general locations, allowing for variation between individuals. Use the numbers on the top part of the board for more exact foot placement. This you can determine with the help of your golf teaching professional or from trial and error practice.

When hitting shots on the golf practice range, put the golf ball opposite the spot on the Self Teaching Board marked 'BALL POSITION'. Then, place your feet according to the kind of golf shot you are hitting: wood, short iron, pitch, etc.

Correct golf ball position is found by locating the golf ball just to the right or the lowest part of the forward swing arc. The golf club should take a divot or scrape of grass just forward (left) of the golf ball's resting position.

On the tee shot, the ball position is more forward than this. The most desirable location for a teed drive is at the bottom of the swing arc or slightly beyond it.


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