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Swing Extender

Swing Extender

The Swing Extender golf swing trainer limits the bend in your right arm to 90 degrees at the top of the golf swing. The Swing Extender creates a straighter left arm, a better shoulder turn, a wider swing arc & greater golf shot control.


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The Swing Extender Golf Swing Training Aid was designed and produced by one of golf's leading PGA Professionals and is designed to be a golf lesson in itself.  Improper position in the backswing is one of the most common flaws in the golf swing, and one of the most difficult to correct without a golf teaching aid. By limiting the bend in your right arm to 90 degrees at the top of the swing, the Swing Extender Golf Swing Training Aid creates a straighter left arm, a better shoulder turn, a wider swing arc & greater shot control. It is truly amazing that with less effort, but better mechanics, you can drive the ball longer & straighter than ever before.



The Swing Extender attaches to your arm at the biceps with a Velcro strap. Because of its light weight, it remains virtually non-existent to you. Once you've used the Swing Extender you'll see why golf's leading instructors are using it on novice golfers as well on scratch players!

Putting on and taking off the Swing Extender Golf Swing Training Aid is a snap. Slide your arm through the Velcro® strap until the Swing Extender rests comfortably in the crux of your elbow joint.

Tighten the strap and you're ready to swing. It is so lightweight that you'll hardly notice it, and it doesn't have a mechanical feeling. But if you try and collapse your arm at the top of the swing - LOOKOUT - you'll hit a 90º brick wall!

The unique design allows both right and left handed players to benefit, as well as golfers of all ages, sizes & skill levels. Powerful combinations with other products such as the Figure 8 Strap can be created to produce results that retrain your muscles, your swing, and your golfing friends as they watch you stripe ball after ball down the middle.

The instant you strap it on your arm and take a swing, you'll hit the golf ball longer, straighter and with more control. That's because it creates the proper extension of your arms during the backswing by preventing the arms from over folding and then promotes the correct release of the arms and hands during the downswing. This 90 degree "power angle" formed at the top of your backswing allows you to create a wider swing arc by keeping your left arm straight (right arm for left-handers).

The Swing Extender prohibits collapsing of the arms while encouraging a better shoulder turn. It's the hardest move to master and feels completely unnatural to most amateurs, but once it's learned, the rewards are most satisfying. Increased distance, accuracy and lower scores are a direct result of the maximum clubhead acceleration you create with your wider arc and fully extended arms.

Swing Extender Demo

Swing Extender Packaging


Swing Extender
Instructional DVD
Quick-Start Printed Guide


Tommy Brannen PGA Master Professional
Creator of the Swing Extender

I created the product more out of frustration than anything, because I wanted so desperately to find a way for my students to actually experience what the proper positioning of their arms feels like, and thereby reap the positive effects of this action. I've had tremendous response and results from golfers who use the Swing Extender. The difficult part now is getting the students to take it off once they've put it on. They like the feeling of control it gives them and tell me once their muscles become trained to the proper position, they take the Swing Extender to the practice tee regularly as a reminder of the correct feel. It's a lesson in itself.

Features and Benefits

Instantly corrects the most common flaw in golf by -
Extending your arms throughout your swing
Creating a wider arc
Establishing a perfect position at the top of your backswing
Promoting the correct release through impact
Is easy to use and virtually non-existent to the user
Fits golfers right- or left-handed of all sized -- even juniors
Allows a complete swing including follow-through
Is used by many of the country's leading golf instructors and touring professionals because of its effectiveness and simplicity


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