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SwingSetter Pro

SwingSetter Pro

The David Leadbetter Swing Setter Pro incorporates the four fundamentals of the David Leadbetter teaching philosophy; Grip, Plane, Release and Tempo. It is designed with four unique components that enable golfers to build and maintain a consistent swing. The Swing Setter Pro can be used on the range to actually hit balls.


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he Swing Setter was immensely popular but it lacked the feature of playability. The ability to strike balls with the Swing Setter Pro makes this tool one of the most effective and efficient tools on the market. Not only will golfers benefit from feeling the proper swing plane and developing tempo but also now will be able to see results directly on the range.

The SwingSetter, develops your Grip, Swing Plane, Release and Tempo - the four keys to a great golf swing.

A perfect tool for golfers who want to get better but just don't have the time. As little as six minutes twice a week will give you the feel for a great swing, solid ball striking and will improve your distance, accuracy and consistency.

It's simple, fun, addicting... and it works! Follow the David Leadbetter swing technique instruction and practice guide on the DVD included with the Swing Setter and be prepared to play the best golf of your life!

What aspects of the golf swing can be developed through training with the SwingSetter?

Great golf begins with a great grip," says David Leadbetter. The Swing Setter's molded grip forces a proper connection to the golf club. It is easy to keep the clubface square throughout the entire swing by adopting it's grip position and by using the EZSee Clubface as a reference point.

Swing Plane
The retractable Plane Pointer draws a visual line off the grip end and helps determine if the club is on a proper swing plane. Using it as a reference point on the backswing and follow through will help you keep the club on the proper plane. My understanding of swing plane improved as I paid attention to the Plane Pointer.

The "snap" you'll hear in the back-swing and at impact promotes loading the wrists. A properly timed release will cause the Swing Setter to "snap" at the point of impact. I found that a proper release provided more distance and greater consistency. The Swing Setter provides a visual, audible, and tactile response the moment of club-head release.

Before using the Swing Setter I was a slow tempo player. Leadbetter says, "Your tempo may have to be sped up to accomplish the snapping on the back-swing as some people, believe it or not, actually swing back too slowly." My tempo has improved by using the Swing Setter and I now have a more connected swing. I can feel when any one part of my swing has become disconnected from the rest.


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