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Swingyde will provide you with the feedback necessary to hinge the wrists correctly and assure that the face is perfectly square throughout the swing. In addition, it will help maintain a 'preset' lag position on the downswing & into impact.


Item #: SYD100
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Features & Benefits of the Swingyde golf training aid:

  • Lightweight and easy to attach.
  • Suits men and ladies, right and left hand.
  • Corrects club face alignment.
  • Improves grip and width of arc.
  • Corrects swing plane.
  • Checks completion of backswing.
  • Improves swing tempo.
  • Corrects start of downswing.
  • Improves impact position.
  • Improves follow through on plane.
  • Reduces incorrect wrist cocking and encourages correct radial deviation of the wrist.
  • Achieve greater distance and better accuracy & consistently - reduce your handicap!

    Endorsed by Jim Flick

The Swingyde Golf Swing Trainer is easy to start using:

  1. Place Swingyde golf swing trainer on shaft of club by removing bolt and slipping over thin section of shaft. Position with clamp just above bottom of grip. Adjusting wing nut so clamp does not move freely.

  2. Hold golf club with left hand, keeping left arm straight. Left thumb points down the center of the shaft.

  3. Top of grip on club should protrude beyond palm of hand, i.e. normal left hand position on the club.

  4. Support clubhead with right hand. Move clamp along shaft so that Swingyde golf swing trainer "rest" touches left forearm, creating a 90 degree angle
    (Forearm must be kept straight).

  5. Club head is vertical, pointing skywards. Position Swingyde golf training aid on top of shaft in line, with leading edge of clubface.

  6. Tighten Wing nut to stop clamp moving.

Swingyde Animation

Advanced Golfers - for greater wrist action, move the Swingyde golf swing trainer clamp down the grip towards the club head 1-2 cm and reclamp.

The Swingyde Practice Drill:

  1. At address position, attach a 90mm rubber band around the forearm, and secure by placing loops over opposite ends of the Swingyde "rest".

  2. Swing back so that the left arm is horizontal, shaft is vertical, and Swingyde "rest" meets forearm.

  3. Swing through, transferring weight and making sure that Swingyde stays on top of shaft. Right hand rotates over left. Continue to hip horizontal follow through position. Left arm is starting to bend and shaft points skywards.

  4. Swing back to right side. Do not pause at bottom of swing. The tension in the rubber band illustrates how the Swingyde "rest" meets the side of the forearm on the backswing and follow through.

  5. Repeat procedure 5 times

In my 57 years of playing and 43 years of teaching, I have never seen a training tool like my Swingyde to help train golfers of all abilities to swing their club on line, every time.

Let me share my discovery with you !

Jim Flick, Cofounder of the Nicklaus/Flick Golf Schools

I have used the Swingyde in almost all of my lessons regardless of the players' ability. It is especially useful with beginners who have no idea as to what the swing should look or feel like.

The relative inexpensive Swingyde golf swing trainer can help identify many swing problems that can occur in the golf swing and is helpful in giving feedback to the player where he cannot see or feel what is actually occurring, which is behind him.

For anyone looking for an inexpensive teaching or training aid that will certainly develop good swing habits this is the one.

Greg Sanders, 20 Year PGA Member


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