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TOMI Personal Putting Coach

TOMI Personal Putting Coach

Tomi evaluates the putting stroke in real-time gives you constructive feedback on how to perfect your putting. Tomi captures - Alignment at Impact, Stroke Path Direction, Backward Stroke Rotation, Forward Stroke Rotation, and Speed at Impact.


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TOMI Personal Putting System


Tomi Captures the following measurements
Tomi allows you to use your own putter
Alignment at Impact
Stroke Path Direction
Backward Stroke Rotation
Forward Stroke Rotation

Speed at Impact Tomi captures, records, and gives real time feedback on your stroke. Just like an instructor, Tomi gives you tips and drills to be a better putter

Tips and drills by Marius Filmalter
Marius has worked with the top players on tour and many others like,
Chad Campbell, Hunter Mahan, and Mark O'Meara.


USB Camera Receiver Unit
Infrared Transmitter Clip
8' USB Cable
Shock & Moisture Resistant Carrying Case
Tomi Instructional Software CD
Quick-Start Guide
Link to On-Line Tutorial Training


  • A Microsoft® Windows compatible PC with a Pentium IV or equivalent processor
    (1.5 GHz or faster recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows XP with service pack 2, Windows XP Professional (Vista with 2 GB RAM)
  • 1GB RAM or more
  • Screen resolution setting of 1024 x 768
  • 250MB free hard disk space (500MB or more recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive for installing the TOMI software and camera drivers
  • One Free USB connection
  • One Free USB 2.0 connection.


Ships same day

Screen Shot

How TOMI Works
Imagine a personalized lesson from Marius Filmalter, one of the world's top putting instructors. Just like a real putting instructor, Tomi records the most critical parameters of your putting stroke in real-time. Tomi shows you what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong, tells you how to fix it and even gives you the drills you need to become a great putter. Tomi is just like having a personal, world class intructor whenever you need him. You will see a huge improvement after just one lesson.

TOMI will see flawed stroke angles and motions that often go unnoticed, even to expert eyes.

TOMI is more than just a mechanical aid, it is a psychological aid. By measuring the most vital aspects of putting - even those invisible to the naked eye - TOMI constructs a trustworthy and repeatable stroke. In time, you'll see more than just improvement, you'll be putting with perfection.

TOMI was developed by professional instructor Marius Filmalter, a pre-eminent authority on the mechanics and psychology of golf. Marius has helped to instruct golfers on the PGA, Champions, and LPGA Tours, and has personally studied over 43,000 putting strokes in his career.

TOMI evaluates your putting stroke and Marius gives you constructive feedback on how to perfect your putting. Tomi captures - Alignment at Impact, Stroke Path Direction, Backward Stroke Rotation, Forward Stroke Rotation, and Speed at Impact. Tomi captures, records and gives real-time feedback on your stroke.


Mike Shannon Putting Instructor
Sea Island Learning Center, Sea Island, GA

With Tomi, you get information you can't see, and as a result, you can really help a player become a better putter. There's really no other product that compares to the Tomi. It's so easy to set up and to use. The feedback is really good.

I work with 35 players on the PGA tour and they are really amazed at how simple it is. They really do like the program.

It really does isolate the problems for that player and it gives that player a chance to improve. It gives the golf professional credibility in his ability to teach putting. If he will use Tomi then there's no doubt, he's going to create more revenue, he's going to create more lessons, and he's going to create some better players. I guarantee it's going to help you as an instructor.

Martin Hall Director of Instruction
Ibis Golf & Country Club, West Palm Beach, FL

With your eye and video you can only see so much, but Tomi is so much better than the video. With Tomi, I can capture numerous readings at one time and quantify some things that by the naked eye you just can't do. It's the best piece of putting technology that I've seen to date. If you're a serious golf instructor and you're not using the Tomi, you're not being the best teacher you can be... you've got a piece missing.

Angie Cates - Fresno State Golf
The Tomi putting system has been wonderful for our golf teamWe now put our players on it once a week as maintenance practice. Prior to the Tomi, we had a student athlete that averaged 36 putts a round for our Fall season. After working with the Tomi during the off season she is down to an average of 33 putts per round this spring. The Tomi set up is very convenient, it fits easily in my luggage so we are able to travel to tournaments with it and use it in the hotel at night. Not only does it help us see details we can't catch with the naked eye; it also provides positive feedback to the players. We love it!

Bernie Najar Dir. of Golf Instruction
Woodhome Country Club, Baltimore, MD

It has been a great addition to my teaching program. It has helped all my students at various levels. Since I have put the Tomi putting system in my teaching program, my students are able to receive consistent feedback on their stroke mechanics. Before I was having to use video and hope the camera did not move. It was touch to judge face angle, to see how much the putter was swinging along the line or inside of it.

The greatest thing about Tomi is you can have it up and running in 2 minutes plus the feedback is so quick. You have the students' attention and by the time you show them what they need to do, they are ready to apply it. That is what I love about it. It is a great way to help your students understand what you want them to do. The Tomi is designed to make the golf pro deliver what he needs to show the student. Its quick feedback and more importantly its user friendly. Simplicity, especially in the learning process, is critical. With Tomi, you have eight great points you are making each time you use it, and the feedback is quick and easy and it is going to help anyone who gets on it.

Joe Data Former Tour Player
Co-Owner Golf Zone, Horsham, PA

After being analyzed with the Tomi I went out and had the finest putting round I've ever had in my life... 25 puts. I used to average anywhere from 33-37 puts per round. I have been frustrated my entire life with putting. I knew something was wrong. Now I know what it is. Now I know how to change it, and now I know how to keep it where it should be. This is the best I have ever seen. With the Tomi putting system, you can monitor yourself, and there is no reason you cannot become a great putter.

Jeff Isler
Total Concept Golf Academy, Southlake, TX

It has given me some precise data that I did not have before. Now with Tomi, there really is a base line. It's very simple, it takes 2-3 minutes to strap on the unit to the putter, start the software, enter the students name, and you're off and running. I think they (students) all feel good about the fact that it's (their putting) being measure by something other than my guesswork.

I have actually taken students who stroke was not very good and with the course of 30 minutes using a putting arch and a Tomi system literally made corrections on their putting stroke and gotten some really good data out of it. I think they leave the lesson feeling much more confident. I have students that are getting ready to play tournaments.. we'll put them on a Tomi real fast and they with feel better and feel like they're ready to go out and compete. It gives my students and the parents of the students that I teach a lot of confidence in my abilities. They know I am bringing in the best tools in the industry to help their son or daughter to get better. Now with the Tomi I think they (PGA teaching pro's) will realize they have a way and some information to now teach putting, and I think they'll do more of that. I've been look at putting systems for a while, so as soon as I ran into Tomi I bought it immediately. It's simple to use, it provides real data, and it will help your students get better.

Anytime you run into a product that will help you become a better teacher, you need to take advantage of it right now and Tomi was that product for me. It was the right product at the right time.

Scott Munroe Lead instructor ESPN Golf Schools
Dir. of Golf Inst. Adios Golf Club

I've had two or three students that have cut 10 strokes off their handicap. When you get results like that the word gets around. With my students, it's unbelievable what they're doing.

This is closing the deal. Putting is the closer, so once they can close the deal they can really help their scores.

Before I was a good putter, but since using Tomi I am now a great putter.

When your student comes back for follow up lessons, the computer (Tomi) doesn't lie so they can really see how they're doing. It builds confidence and your relationship grows stronger because you really fixed them (their putt).

Eduardo Herrera Pro golfer
It's a good aid to find out about your stroke. Sometime you do what you think you're not doing and not doing what you think you are. Tomi helps find out what your stroke is like and how you can improve it. We don't have a lot of time and with Tomi you can set it up in 5 minutes. If you use Tomi right, it's great for professionals and amateurs.

It's hard to concentrate on so many things at the same time when you are watching somebody put. If you have software that reads eight things that are important to putting like Tomi, it helps the instructor to concentrate on the feature he wants to see. It's a great aid because it confirms what the instructor sees and what the player feels.

Bob Rees Club Manufacturer
Tomi is a piece of equipment that would help me better fit people to achieve better results in their putting. I can take the data Tomi gives me to help fit them for the club.

Colette Murray - Head Women's Golf Coach
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

The TOMI putting system is just brilliant. It is easy to use and with its handy portable box, easy to handle and transfer. We are able to take it wherever we please, to practice and to tournaments, to the golf course or to the practice green and it can even be used at home. It provides instant and accurate feedback for my players. It tells each player exactly what she is doing with her stroke, and valuable information as to how consistent it is. Since we started working with TOMI, my girls are stroke by stroke, putt by putt getting better and better each and everyday.


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