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The Helicopter Swing Alignment Trainer

The Helicopter Swing Alignment Trainer

The Helicopter golf swing alignment trainer helps you learn the easy way to hit the ball straight. You don't have to change your swing, just learn how to work properly with your hands and you will get straight shots everytime.


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The Helicopter golf swing alignment trainer is a simple concept that has proven to be very effective.

Just line up the red blades to the target line in all positions and follow the easy to understand steps and you will hit the ball straight...it's that simple

Through practice you will create muscle memory. You don't need to think; just look at the blades in each position and repeat the motion.

It's like taking the best golf lesson of your life.


What's Included:

  • An easy to follow instruction book with a complete golf lesson included

    • English & Spanish versions are included. Japanese and German versions coming soon!

  • A training aid that can be used on any of your clubs (we recommend the driver)

  • Instructional DVD with detailed lessons on how to use The Helicopter golf swing alignment trainer (English and Spanish version)

The Helicopter golf swing alignment trainer blades will show the correct position of the hands in each of the 7 positions of your swing.

The Helicopter golf swing alignment trainer can be used in or outdoors, and it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an experienced golfer; right or left handed.

To begin your training, read the instruction book carefully and then make the motions in a relaxed and very slow manner. Try to feel the position of your body and your club.

Use it with all of your golf clubs

You can carry The Helicopter golf swing alignment trainer in your golf bag anywhere and use it on any of your clubs.

For example, place The Helicopter golf swing alignment trainer on your putter to train and increase your accuracy in putting. Fold the red blades and use it with your put to help you aim. This will improve your score significantly!

You can also use it with your irons as well as the woods. Practice your short game or your drive, whatever you need most!

Use it with other golf training aids

If you already own other golf training aids, The Helicopter will help you take the most out of them.

Place The Helicopter on your Medicus® club to watch and understand what is happening in every step of your golf swing.

The Helicopter golf swing alignment trainer
is also compatible with many other golf training aids like:
  • The Swing Glove®
  • The Putting Arc®
  • Inside approach®
  • Momentus Wedge ®

What Golfers are Saying about The Helicopter Golf Swing Alignment Trainer:

Simplicity is often the key to success. I really love to give the SDF to my golf students and watch the immediate results. I have been using the SDF with my golf students now for eighteen months and I am so proud and satisfied with the results.

The SDF allows me to replace thousands of words used in my golf lessons with simple demonstrations. The product teaches on its own. All professional golf players have different golf swings because their bodies do not have the same structure and flexibility. But the common element in every golf swing is the correct position of their hands.

If you practice with your SDF indoors, in your backyard or at the driving range, you will feel an almost immediate difference. It will simply increase your enjoyment of the golf game.

What many people don't realize is that hitting more golf balls is not going to help your game if you are not hitting them correctly - in fact, your body will learn to memorize incorrect ways of hitting the golf ball. With the SDF you can train properly, giving your body muscle memory so that you can hit the golf ball easily and with correct form every time. I highly recommend the SDF to anyone who wants to improve their accuracy.

Jaime Gaviria
USGFT Golf Instructor
SDF Inventor

The SDF Helicopter Golf Swing Alignment Trainer has received the PGA Partners Club "Member Tested Seal of Approval."
In order to hit a Long Drive it is necessary to draw the golf ball slightly in order to achieve maximum distance. After using the SDF I have improved the control of my Long Drive and am very impressed with the results.

Everyone wants to be able to hit a long accurate driver. Jimmy's seven positions allow you to identify exactly what your golf swing lacks to improve it. The correct position of your hands is basic to draw the golf ball when you need an extra long drive.

If you want to hit the golf ball far and straight, or you just want to make your Saturday mornings more enjoyable, this product will produce results. I practice hitting golf balls with the SDF on my driver and really help me to get a lovely draw in order to get extra roll when the golf ball touches the fairway.

Edward W. Denison
Long Drive Champion
Golf instructor at Arrowhead Golf Club
Davie, Florida

I was never able to hit the golf ball straight until I tried the SDF. I followed Jimmy's golf lessons, and worked with the product in my backyard for about one hour. I noticed an immediate improvement in my accuracy. Today my golf game is better than ever.

It makes it easy to understand the technical aspects of the golf swing and it makes the game more enjoyable.

When training with the SDF, I close my eyes and then check the position of my hands and the club at each step, and believe me...It works!

Now I am hitting the golf ball with the same swing each time. It has become nearly automatic. I never go to the driving range without the SDF in my bag. The SDF is compact and lightweight and easy to carry and use anywhere.

I love my SDF!

Claudia Moreno
Amateur golfer
Weston, Florida

As a golf instructor, I have seen many types of golf training aids. The SDF, however, is different in its simplicity of use. It helps my golf students to visualize the correct position of the face of the club and their hands. It allows them to hit the golf ball straight, and allows me to concentrate on other aspects of the golf swing, such as timing and motion.

As a professional golf instructor I was amazed at how such a simple concept could be so effective. Just line up the red blades to the target line in all positions and follow Jimmy's easy to understand steps...and you will hit the golf ball straight. Its that simple.

The visualization aspect of the SDF system has also helped me immensely. Driving to work I would picture in my mind the proper hand positions and the way my body should feel in that position, as well as the correct position of the face of the golf club....the muscle memory achieved will help any student of the game.

The SDF is establishing itself as a leader in golf training aids.

Chris Baetzel
PGA Golf Instructor
Director of golf at the Bonaventure Golf and Country Club

What Jimmy has done is come up with a concept so simple that anyone can use it. Just follow the instructions in the manual and the DVD and practice. The results will soon follow.

Golf can be frustrating and every time I thought I was getting better, my golf swing would just fall apart and I didn't know why. I would go to instructors but after the golf lesson ended my body would "forget" the proper motions. With the SDF I can practice my golf swing immediately after lessons, which simply reinforces the correct aspects of the position of my hands and the clubface.

I am a natural right to left hitter. Now with the SDF I am able to fade the golf ball very easily. The SDF allows me to eliminate the flaws in my golf swing. I couldn't believe that four blades and seven simple steps could improve my ability to hit the golf ball so much. This is an invaluable tool for achieving great golf.

Greg Bishop
Amateur golfer
Miami, Florida

It's unbelieveable. SDF is the most simple, innovative and effective golf training aid. I am sure that SDF will be the best golf training aid. I receive excellent feedback concerning this product from all of my golf customers and I love it.

Alfi Martinez
Alf's Golf Shop Owner
Miami Beach, Florida

I recommend the SDF for all types of golfers. It is sure to become one of the best selling golf training aids. My customers try the SDF in the hitting cage and note immediate results. The SDF is a great product.

Jack Wilson
Golf Headquarters Store Owner
Plantation, Florida

When Jimmy showed me the product I was skeptical. It seemed so simple. I agreed to try it for a few minutes and was very impressed with the results. This product will teach you the proper position of your hands during the golf swing and will improve your results. Its also a great product to train children - start them off correctly and they will have a lifetime of enjoyable golf.

My students' golf swings are now much more consistent.

Even if you haven't hit a golf ball in years, the four SDF blades serve as a compass to the correct golf swing and will quickly get you back into the swing of the golf game. It will increase your enjoyment of the game. This product is far and away the easiest golf training aid to use.

Hector Zapata
Golf Instructor
Bonaventure Golf and Country Club

The SDF very easily teaches beginning golfers the correct positions of the hands and body... the most difficult aspect of the golf swing to teach. Advanced golfers will be able to use the SDF to improve specfic areas of their golf swings.

It's an amazing golf teaching aid as well as golf training aid!

Robert Watson
Golfer And Teaching Professional
Bonaventure Golf and C.C. Weston, Fla


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