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Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine

Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine

Perfect Putting Machines by Z-Factor allow you to see and feel the perfect putting stroke. This putting aid is adaptable to teach both the Square to Square and Arc putting techniques. Oversize Item. $23.95 shipping to most domestic locations.


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"I realized how important putting was while playing professional golf. When I couldn't find a putting training aid that really taught me how to be a better putter, I invented one. The result is the Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine and it's amazing how well it's been accepted by golfers on the PGA Tour, top golf instructors and college golf coaches."

Dean Thompson, PGA Tour Instructor
Z Factor Sports, LLC

The Perfect Putting Machine is perfect for every golfer:
  • High Handicaps - Learn what the proper putting stroke feels like.
  • Low Handicaps- No more putting slumps. Make every putting stroke during practice a perfect one.
  • Beginners- Develop the proper putting habits from the start.
  • Juniors- Build putting stroke consistency at a young age that will last a lifetime.
  • Women- You will understand the feeling of the correct putting stroke.
  • Seniors- Build confidence and start making those dreaded 3 foot putts.
  • Golf Professionals - Not only great for your own putting stroke, but a great golf teaching aid!
The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine has been ordered by PGA Tour members, PGA teaching professionals, golf schools and individual golfers of all skill levels. This is because all of these people know what an amazing revolution this product is with regard to teaching, learning and practicing the art of putting.

The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine putting training aid actually allows you to see and feel the perfect putting stroke, which builds true muscle memory.
This putting training aid is adaptable to teach both the Square to Square putting technique and Arc putting technique by helping the golfer engrain proper:
  • Putting Stroke Path
  • Putter Face Angle
  • Putting Stroke Pendulum Arc


The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine initially takes about 5 minutes to set up . Once it is set up, it is ready to practice putting at your convenience.

However, if you wish to store the putting trainer, it conveniently collapses to a height of only 6 inches. All components attach to the machine and it can be easily carried with one hand.
Square To Square Putting Trainer Mode:
Putting Stroke Path

The Square to Square putting training mode guides the putter on a straight back and straight through path. The movement is simple, just like a pendulum.

Putter Face Angle

The Square to Square putting training mode keeps the putter face square to the target line throughout the stroke. Face angle at impact is the greatest determining factor in getting a putt started on the target line.

Keeping the face square to the putting target line throughout the putting stroke drastically improves the chances that the putter face will be square at impact with the golf ball.

Pendulum Arc

The Square to Square putting training mode swings the putter in a true pendulum arc, which minimizes hand action and putting stroke breakdowns.

Arc Putting Trainer Mode:
Putting Stroke Path

The Arc putting trainer modes of The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine teach a putting stroke that follows an arced or curved path. The putter will swing inside the target line on the backstroke, swing back to square at impact and then back inside the target line on the follow through. Inside the target line means the putter will be swinging in toward the golfer during the back stroke and follow through.

These Arc putter paths (4 to choose from) follow putting stroke planes that are at an angle relative to the ground. The angle of the plane can be roughly determined by drawing a line from the ball through a pivot point located between the shoulder blades. The curve the putter follows is actually in the shape of an ellipse. The ARC stroke feels very different than the STS stroke and feels more natural to most golfers.

The swing plane can be changed for golfers of different specifications. There are four swing planes/paths available. You can easily change the plane by changing the position of the color-coded spacers - no tools are needed.

The Z Factor has four different arcing paths to choose from: 1", 3/4", 1/2", 1/4"

Face Angle
While practicing in the Z Factor ARC modes, the face of the putter will open relative to the target line during the backstroke. However, the putter face will still be square to the curved path along which it is traveling. In the follow through the face of the putter will also remain square to the curved path, but will close relative to the target line.

Many teaching professionals believe this opening and closing of the putter is natural and reflects the actual golf swing on a smaller scale.

Pendulum Arc
The Z Factor ARC mode will swing the putter in a pendulum arc, which minimizes hand action and stroke breakdowns.

What Golfers Say about the Perfect Putting Machine:

I get approached with putting trainers all the time. The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine is the first one I am excited about because it controls the PATH, the FACE ANGLE and the PENDULUM SWING of the putter. It creates a putting stroke with very quiet hands that you can repeat over and over.

Puggy Blackmon
Coach, South Carolina Gamecocks
Hall of Fame College coach

I love the repetition that The Z Factor gives me when I practice.

It not only shows me where my putter should be, but it also forces me to set my body up properly.

George Lopez
11 handicap
Actor/Comedian, The George Lopez Show

I received my Putting Machine today. It is set up and I have been using it on the carpet. Great invention! I can't wait to take it to the putting green and see what kind of interest it generates.

Dr. Greg S.
4 handicap, Scottsdale, AZ

I received the 'machine' and have it set up on my putting green. Right out of the box, it showed me how I've had an "in to out" stroke with a closed putter face.... I think this is the best thing for my putting stroke I've ever seen or heard of. Hope you have tremendous success!! Thanks so much.

Dennis W.
8 handicap, Las Vegas, NV


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