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Putting Arc Putting Trainer (MS-3D)

Putting Arc Putting Trainer (MS-3D)

The MS-3D Putting Arc is a mid-sized portable model that can be used indoors or outdoors. 33 inches, less than 3 pounds.The MS-3D adds two new dimensions to your putting practice with an adjustable shoulder alignment mirror and line up holes fro precise alignment. The MS-3D has the same heel / toe arc of the original HD Deluxe but is much lighter in weight and is waterproof.


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The Putting Arc putting trainer is a revolutionary new golf training aid, which will guide you to a simple, repeatable, and understandable approach to putting. The Putting Arc putting trainer will assist you in developing a confidence when standing over your putter felt by only a small percentage of golfers, a confidence in your ability to direct the golf ball exactly where you intend.

The Putting Arc putting trainer works because it guides the putter head in pure planar rotation about an axis which passes through the golfers spine between the shoulders. This means that the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders all stay connected throughout the putting stroke. The Putting Arc golf putting aid has radial lines on its top. This important feature shows the correct clubface alignment at each point in the putting stroke. This alignment is just as important as the club head path!

MS3-D Model Putting Arc
The "all-new" MS 3-D includes several improvements on the best selling MSIII

  • Add two new dimensions to your putting practice!
  • Adjustable high impact shoulder alignment mirror
  • New Toe Arc
  • Traditional Heel Arc
  • 33 inches long
  • Weight less than 3 pound
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor practice


MSIII Model Putting Arc
The "all-new" MSIII Model combines the best features of the T3 and the Deluxe into one great product.

  • Lightweight 2lbs versus 8lbs for the Deluxe Putting Arc
  • Totally waterproof - practice putting in your bathtub if needed
  • Same usable area as the deluxe
  • Specially notched for 8802 style heel shaft putters
  • Short enough to travel in a large suitcase or club cover
  • Heavy enough for indoor putting practice
  • Smooth, low friction surface

T3 Model Putting Arc- Tour Design, Turf Model, Travel Weight, easily fits in a golf bag. Primarily for outdoor putting practice and short putts.



REASON #10 - In its August 2004 edition, Golf Digest rated the Putting Arc golf training aid the #1 putting training device which you can use with your own putter. Some of the other highly rated golf training devices have been on the market for 20 to 30 years, so this rating covers a lot of golf training devices over a long period of time.

REASON #9 - Golf is a game played from the side of the golf ball on an inclined plane. The Putting Arc's unique patent uses math to precisely calculate this plane, as well as the putter path and putter face angle. The lines on the Putting Arc golf putting trainer show the putter face angle, and they are as important as the arc itself. This is the secret of the Putting Arc.

REASON #8 - The straight back - straight through putting stroke with the clubface always aimed at the hole is the putting stroke of the 1980's, and it is out of date. It is used by very few successful touring pros because it is not natural, and it requires precise hand manipulation to make it work. Under pressure, this manipulation is very hard to repeat.

With the Putting Arc
golf training aid you learn a stroke which is taught by the leading putting instructors in the game of golf. These include Butch Harmon, Jim Flick, John Elliott, Jr., Stan Utley, Mike Shannon, Todd Sones, Putting Arc co-inventor V. J. Trolio, and our tour reps, Tony Sills and Ken McDonald. In this stroke, the putter actually moves straight back and straight through, but on the above mentioned inclined plane. Because of this inclined plane, the putter head traces an arc when viewed from overhead. The putter face is always square to the inclined plane and only square to the target line at impact, and the golf ball roll is true and perfect.

REASON #7 - When you use the Putting Arc putting trainer you don't have to wait long to see an improvement. Thousands of repititions are not required to improve your putting stroke. Tommy Armour III used his Putting Arc for only two weeks, and he then won the Valero Texas Open with a PGA tour record score of 254. Also, Champions Tour players Dana Quigley, Tom Purtzer, Jim Ahern, and David Eger all won an event soon after getting a Putting Arc putting aid from Champions Tour rep Tony Sills.

REASON #6 - The Putting Arc putting practice aid works for everyone....right and lefthanders, women and men, short and long putters, junior and senior golfers, high school and college golfers, and it will work for you. The 72 hole records on the PGA, Nationwide, and Women's European Tour were recently set by short-time Putting Arc putting practice aid users, and several World Junior Champions and high school state champions are known Putting Arc users.

REASON #5 - The Putting Arc putting practice aid is simple and portable. No assembly is required, and that is why the pros like it. It can be used on a practice green, a carpet, or even a tile or concrete floor. To quote V. J. Trolio, "Putting is 43% of the game. A person who takes this golf practice device and uses it once a day, 10 times a day, 15 times a day, or 30 minutes a day will improve his putting. No matter the level, no matter where they are in the golf game, they will improve their putting." With the Putting Arc, this practice can be done with or without a golf ball, a putting green or even a carpet.

REASON #4 - Putting Arc putting trainers are the best kept secret in golf, and their presence is like the tip of an iceberg. For every one you see on the practice green at a pro tournament, there are three or more back in the touring pro's hotel room, motor home, or airplane. This is especially true for the mini-tour players, though there are many more hotel rooms than airplanes on the mini-tours.

REASON #3 - The Putting Arc golf training aid is guaranteed to improve your putting or your money will be refunded. Of the first 16,000 arcs shipped, fewer than 10 have been returned under the above warranty.

REASON #2 - A top teaching pro recently told his students that the only training devices they should buy are ones which the touring pros actually use. The Putting Arc golf training aid is used by 442 touring pros, with 113 professional wins in the past two years. Further recent proof that it works for the pros...Putting Arc known users finished first or tied for first in ALL six second stage Tour Q Schools and the Champions Tour Q School finals in 2004.

REASON #1 - In the world of golf, the Putting Arc golf practice aid is a real bargain. Compare the grocery store price per pound of these common golf items, and remember...one year from now the balls will be lost, the gloves will be in a landfill, and the golf clubs will probably be in your closet or on ebay. The 2200 year old math behind the Putting Arc will be as good as ever, as will the Putting Arc itself.

The Putting Arc Putting Trainer Works Because:
  1. Its based upon natural body movement which can be quickly learned and repeated. Results can be seen in several days--20,000 repetitions are not required.
  2. The clubhead travels in a perfect circle (radius R) and the projection of this circle on the ground is an ellipse in the shape of the Putting Arc.
  3. The putter is always on plane' (the sweet-spot/spinal pivot plane). The intersection of this plane with the ground is a straight line, the golf ball/target line.
  4. The golf club face is always square to the above plane. It is only square to the golf ball target line at the center line of the Putting Arc golf putting aid. You are learning an inside to square to inside putting stroke.
  5. In this perfect putting stroke, there is only one moving part. The hands, arms and shoulders rotate as one unit. No manipulation of the hands or arms is required to follow the correct path with a correct clubface. It happens automatically.

Note to "Straight-Back-Straight-Through" Putters:

There are only two ways for the putter to travel straight back and straight through:

    1. The pivot point (spine or shoulder joints) must be perfectly over the ball.


    2. You must manipulate the club face during the stroke

Both are unnatural, require many moving parts, and are difficult to repeat consistently. The Putting Arc golf putting aid can cure the bad habits you have formed trying to make the putter go straight back and straight through.

Fig. 1
The Putting Arc ... is an Ellipse:

The Putting Arc
golf training aid works because it guides the putter head in pure planar rotation about an axis which passes through the golfers spine, somewhere between the shoulders (the dashed line in fig. 1). This means that the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders all stay connected throughout the putting stroke. The Putting Arc has radial lines on its top. This important feature shows the correct clubface alignment at each point in the stroke. This alignment is just as important as the club head path!
Mathematically speaking, the putter head actually moves in a perfect circle. But since the axis of rotation is inclined relative to the putting surface the putter head motion projects onto putting surface as an ellipse. This ellipse (the light colored shape in fig. 2) is the mathematical basis for The Putting Arc.
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
The actual dimensions of The Putting Arc golf training aid ellipse are defined by the location of the center of rotation of the putter head. (This point is located on the golfers spine somewhere between the shoulders.) Surprisingly, the dimensions of The Putting Arc ellipse are similar for all average size golfers. There are only a few thousandths of an inch difference in ideal shape of The Putting Arc putting trainer for a 5'4" golfer and a 6'2" golfer (assuming a typical putting stance).


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