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Bee Line Putting String
Bee Line Putting String

The Bee Line Putting String is a simple, portable way to practice the important elements of your putting stroke; path, face angle, set-up and alignment, line reading, and stroke speed.
Figure 8 Strap
Figure 8 Strap

The Figure 8 golf training aid is one of the simplest golf learning tools ever developed to teach a connected golf swing. Slip the Figure 8 elastic strap over your arms above the elbows, and immediately feel connectedness in the arms and body.
Grip Wrap Strap
Grip Wrap Strap

The Grip Wrap golf training aid is an elastic strap that engrains a light grip pressure while keeping secure control of the golf club, and is an extremely useful tool for golfers who lose their left hand grip on the golf club at the top of the backswing.
Gary Wiren Golf Impact Bag
Impact Bag

Impact Bag immediately gives you the feedback as to the clubface position at the critical moment of impact. Impact Bag will cushion the blow of your shot thus producing the correct feel of a square club face position at impact.
Power Swing Fan
Power Swing Fan

The Power Swing Fan golf swing trainer uses four fins to create progressive resistance, teaching you to accelerate smoothly through the ball. This improves tempo and develops increased clubhead speed. One of the all time great training aids.
Right Angle 2
Right Angle 2

The Right Angle 2 shows you how to set your wrists and hinge the elbow by forming a 90-degree angle, positioning your arm correctly at the top of the swing and dropping it into the slot at the start of your downswing. Also for use by left-handed golfers