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How to Select a Heavy Duty Golf Net

  Security - The Most Important Criteria

Security is the most important selection criteria. It means to be and feel secure (free) from harm of a golf ball in flight when using a quality golf net. Basically, golf nets are security facilities designed to protect people and property from a swift projectile (ball)...to always capture this force...arrest, retard and drop it harmlessly to the floor or ground.

Golf net security and safety is the responsibility of both the golf net manufacturer (materials and construction) and the buyer/user (installation, operation and maintenance) of the golf net. The latter, more importantly here, should equate the security of the proposed facility to be purchased with the anticipated risks.

Some things to note are: in the backdrop net area (where balls hit directly) the golf nets should be a safe distance from the frame members to avoid ball rebound...that the backdrop net is of the durability capable to withstand the intensity, wear and tear...that it is hung baffle loose to capture and decelerate the hardest hit balls with comfortable silence. The top and side golf nets should be securely attached to the backdrop net and side - floor bottoms be of ball capture integrity. The facility should be large enough to cover the highest risks.

  Price Victim

Skimping on net quality through price is a compounded loss for both buyer and end user, even on a personal basis. Using light weight netting in the backdrop area to receive direct hit balls is very risky. Physical and psychological security is essential for enjoyable and efficient golf practice. Do not throw security or money "out the window".

  What Size Net Should I Buy?

A two dimensional net (height and width but no sides) should be used personally, with care, and responsibility...always equating risk with security.  Frequently various fears and apprehensions may emerge from insecurity of errant shots. The general solution is purchasing a net that provides freedom from fear.

For example, with a two dimensional net, a beginner may initially use perforated, plastic balls, and low velocity shots with a real ball.  In due time, the user can acquire sufficient skill and confidence to be and feel secure.  Move patiently but slowly into reasonable shot consistency and proficiency, then real ball speed may be implemented.

Generally, a three dimensional net (height, width & depth) is optimal for personal use and is essential for commercial and group use.  Whatever the facility or use may be, the objective is to feel free, unhindered, and secure in the hitting environment.

  Nets Without Frames

Available in all standard models.  Generally indoors, it is quite easy to install a 2 or 3 dimensional net (without a frame) onto 2,4 or 6 of your support points, or make your own frame. We recommend this for your convenience and economy.  The nets come all ready to hang...hook onto your support points...spaced according to the frame dimensions.  For bottom net floor security the net edge should hug the floor through excess netting or anchored support lines.  A custom made net for you or your business "golf room" with or without frame, is also available...as are all replacement parts to nets and mats.

  Target Nets

These nets are usually heavy duty in standard sizes of 4' x 5' or 5' x 5.5' and hung in front of backdrop nets of larger mesh sized netting (approximately 7/8" sq.) for more durability in the concentrated hitting, intensive use area.  These nets are economical and enhance longevity if you hit 10 or more drives per day. In larger models with top and sides the heavy duty backdrop is standard and included.

  Net Coatings

For increasing net longevity from long direct sun exposure (ultra violet rays) a coating in green or black is recommended where feasible.  Generally though, coating is unnecessary.

  Custom Nets

We customize a wide variety of netting applications for special custom netting applications designed for multiple use facilities and/or limited space. Call, email or fax your specifications and we will prepare an estimate.

  Target Accuracy

Aiming to a precise target point is basic to developing golf skills.  Our patented target is a short range two axis accuracy guide.  The "bulls-eye" shows the correct vertical axis point...the centerline shows the horizontal axis. These two axes coupled with ball spin net rebound feedback (the "ball spin angle" formed between ball line of flight and net rebound line ) provide a simple and practical means of understanding and acquiring on course ball control.  This facility provides both and accuracy and ball control guide.


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